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Here are the schedules for the term, one for regular and one for university. Some students may have scheduling conflicts - just chalk it up to the crazy island continuity that you're able to take two classes at the same time. ;) There shouldn't be any conflicts for the teachers, though (I think...er, except for Sammy W, who is both teaching and taking the same class). Let me know if you have any questions. As before, all classes on a subject are taught at the same time (e.g. both regular Lit classes are Monday & Thursday 12-1:30).

Regular Class Schedule )

University Class Schedule )

*This is both the regular AND the university-level Greek History class, combined into one.
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And here are the university level class rosters. Any questions, let me know!


Class Rosters - University Level Classes )
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Here, finally, are the class rosters! Let me know if I accidentally put in someone that's disappeared or otherwise messed up somewhere. Please note, all students were (as usual) put into every class they signed up for, so if anyone wants to cut back on their courseload (like those of you who signed up for a billion classes, lol) just let me know.

Format is:

*student taking the class for a second or third term

Class Rosters - Regular Classes )
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ETA: THIS POLL IS NOW CLOSED. If you have a pup that would like to sign up for classes, please e-mail me.

This poll is for current and prospective STUDENTS ONLY to sign up for regular and/or university classes. Please note: some classes are offered at both levels, so it is important to make sure you are signing up for the right one. Please take the poll logged in as the relevant pup. Regular vs university is based more on level of difficulty than age; there is no age limit for either.

[Poll #1183893]

Any questions, let me know!
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ETA: THIS POLL IS NOW CLOSED. If you have a pup interested in teaching a class, please e-mail me. Thanks!

This poll is for current and prospective TEACHERS ONLY to indicate which regular and/or university level classes they would be willing to teach. Not all teachers who volunteer for each class may be needed, depending on the number of students, but I try to give each person who volunteers to teach at least one class. If there is a class you would be willing to teach that is not listed below, please comment with the subject and whether it would be a regular or university class.

[Poll #1175121]


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