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Okay, so Elissa suggested I take the bull by the horns here and pull together a sign-up sheet for parents wishing to sign their students up for pre-school. Charlie Andrews and Polyhymnia O'Keefe are in charge, sharing duties, including setting up and cleaning up the classroom, arranging activities and giving the kids a playful but hopefully somewhat educational experience. Polly wants this to point the way towards the formal classes of the school, easing the transition for the young minds.

This is separate from the activities of the Children's Office, though Polly and Charlie are both involved in that as well, and probably borrow supplies for the classes.

Pre-school classes run Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 9-11 a.m and are available to all children ages 3-5 (with younger children accepted on a case-by-case basis, but truthfully I suspect we'll be rather flexible). Parents of said children are encouraged to sign their kids up if they are interested, and if any parent wants to volunteer to help out in the classroom, you are most welcome, and are encouraged to note that in your application in the comments.

The term starts Monday, February 9 and will follow the same schedule as the Island School.
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Here is the course list for the fourth term. As previously mentioned, it is set up like a university course catalog, with the days and times of each class listed. It is up to each student to make their own schedule.

Please sign in as the appropriate pup and comment with a LIST of the classes being signed up for. If there are enough students signed up for a class, I will add a second teacher and divide the class up.

The term starts on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 9. Let me know if you have any questions.

ETA: I FORGOT TO SAY! This term another new thing is starting - a preschool/kindergarten, run by Charlie Andrews and Polly O'Keefe. All children ages five and under will attend this instead of the regular classes below. If a child five or under really really wants to take any of the below classes, it will be up to the discretion of the teacher as to whether or not they will accept them. Questions about the preschool/kindergarten should go to James or Zai. TY!

Course Catalog )
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Whups. I left a whole chunk of classes out of the poll. So here they are! Same applies as in previous poll - log in as the relevant pup, check what you want to teach. Thanks!

[Poll #1332107]
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Below is the sign-up poll for TEACHERS for the fourth term. Please check all the classes you are willing and qualified to teach. Please make sure you are signed in as the relevant pup when filling out the poll. Teachers will be assigned to classes on a first come, first served basis, but keeping in mind that I generally try to give everyone that signs up at least one class.

Please note: Anyone signing up to teach a foreign language is signing up for THREE classes: a beginning class, an intermediate class, and an advanced class.

Long-ass poll under the cut )

ETA: There's a second poll, with a few more classes I accidentally left out, here. Please check and see if you'd want to teach any of those as well. Sorry and thanks!


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