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Here is the post for students to sign up for classes for the term. As with last term, the day and time of each class is listed with the class and it is up to the students to set their own schedules, like with a university course catalog.

Please comment with the journal of the pup taking classes and a LIST of the classes they want (all I need is the course title). If enough students sign up for one class, I will add a second teacher (the class will be the same days and time).

The only class from last term we don't have a teacher for is Intro to Philosophy on Tues/Fri 11:00-12:30. If anyone can teach this let me know and I will add it back into the catalog.

Classes start Monday, Sept 28. Any other questions, let me know! :D

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Starting with this term, the classes and schedule is going to remain the same, and just the teachers will be updated each term before students sign up. Under the cut is the class schedule from last term. Classes with teachers that have since disappeared are in red (poke me if I missed any or made someone red who's still on the island); please let me know if you would be interested in teaching any of them. Also, if anyone taught a class last term and no longer wants to, please let me know that as well. Lastly, if there is a class you are dying to teach that is not already offered, let me know and I'll try to fit it in.

Any questions, let me know!

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